West Bay football action

There was more football action at the John A Cumber Primary School field this past Sunday as the Youth and Sports Community Football League in West Bay resumed.

In the first game, West bay Central took on Mount Pleasant; but something happened that had not been seen in the league since its birth; a ten second goal. Mount Pleasant took the pass off and Henry Ebanks sprinted down the left flank; then Barry Martinez made a one-touch pass over the heads of three WBC players and onto the feet of Ebanks who rocketed the ball past WBC’s keeper Shemiah Grant. The goal left spectators in shock as the game had barely begun, but WBC tightened their defense and would not allow anymore goals for the remainder of the game. Mount Pleasant’s Antonio Williams and his defensive unit tightened the notch for MP and would hold WBC scoreless despite the valiant efforts of Delond Bryan and Cliff Smith.

The final Score was 1-0 in favor of Mount Pleasant.

In the second game, Birch Tree Hill took on undefeated Boatswain Bay in a game that spectators thought would have been a landslide victory for B-Bay. However, BTH caught B-Bay by surprise with a high octane style of play. BTH came out much more energetic than their opponents and were awarded a penalty when a BTH player was pulled while en route to the goal. BTH’s Friedel Matoya calmly placed the ball in the back of the net by wrong-cornering B-Bay’s keeper Miguel ‘CJ’ Pitta. The highlight of the game came late in the second half when BTH’s Center Forward Sophia Johnson was given the ball inside the 18 yard box; Johnson the faked a shot and instead cut past B-Bay defender Shane Ebanks, she then sent the football screaming with a left foot shot that went through CJ’s arms and ricocheted off the far post! The entire sideline erupted with excitement for Johnson’s effort that came up just short of sealing the game. However, BTH would hold on to their one goal advantage, deny B-Bay’s Carlos Webster from scoring and hand Boatswain Bay their first loss of the season.

The final score was 1-0 in favor of Birch tree Hill.

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