Pre-school gets stop order notice

A stop order and enforcement notice were put on a local pre-school following post-Ivan renovations needing planning permission, which was not sought.

The stop order and enforcement notice were put into force on Sunny Smile Pre-school and Nursery on 23 November. Owner of the property is Ms Jane Catherine Webster while occupier/operator of the school is Ms. Marion Webster.

Attempts to contact the property owner and occupier were unsuccessful.

According to Mr. Ron Sanderson, Assistant Director of Planning, the building on Walker’s Road, had been extensively damaged following Hurricane Ivan.

However, renovations that took place afterwards included the premises being ‘noticeably’ enlarged and a dormer roof, which resembles a second floor, installed said Mr. Sanderson.

The Planning Department contacted the owner and told her to stop; explaining that planning permission was needed for the changes, but the advice was not taken. It was then that the Central Planning Authority issued a stop notice and enforcement order.

The building had been given the green light for post-Ivan electrical re-connection, as the electrical inspector was not aware of the enforcement notice. However, a disconnection order has since been issued by the Planning Department on discovering the premises had been approved for electrical connection. Caribbean Utilities Company confirmed that electrical disconnection was taking place.

A Summary Court summons could be issued to the landowner as a follow of the stop order and enforcement notice.

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