Cayman One moving ahead

Down but far from out in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan, E-Technologies, which will do business known as Cayman One, is quietly moving forward toward a launch of a full range of telecommunication services and products on Grand Cayman.

The company had received a telecom licence from the Information and Communications Technology Authority less than two months before Ivan struck Cayman. Its offices at the Mirco Centre were destroyed in the storm.

Sandra Kenney, the Chief Marketing Officer of Cayman One, said work is progressing well with the rebuilding of the company’s offices, and that its management team is now in place. ‘We’re moving forward as quickly as possible,’ she said.

Cayman One has said the company will bring to Cayman the most advanced telecom systems available in the world, and transmission speeds that have never been seen here before.

Although the company is not tipping its hand as far as exact products, services or pricing structures yet, Ms Kenney said Cayman One will provide a full range of telecom services, including local and long distance telephone, cellular, high-speed internet and data networking.

Ms Kenney said Cayman One intends to offer consumers greater choices in terms of products and services, greater value and greater flexibility than is currently available.

Cayman One will roll out its services in phases after marketing and technical trials, the first of which is scheduled to begin before the end of the first quarter, Ms Kenney said.

‘We’re aiming for a full commercial launch in the third quarter of this year,’ she added.

In the long-term, Cayman One is planning a 15,000 square foot, two-storey data centre in Prospect near Marina Drive.

‘We are very committed to Cayman and to the project,’ said Ms Kenney. ‘We have our heads down and we’re working hard.’

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