East End Surf Challenge profile

For a guy who doesn’t train much, Vance Ramgeet is doing all right for himself.

In 2005, all guns will be pointing at him since he is the defending Jet Around Cayman and Brac Challenge kingpin.

He’s rather casual about it all though.

‘I’m not one of those guys that has to come first or else it’s been a failed effort,’ says the telecommunications installer trainee (ADTech). ‘I don’t feel any extra pressure to perform because at the end of the day it’s all in the name of fun anyway. I love the water, naturally, the speed is exciting and I find that the emphasis of competing with a huge stress on safety to be very satisfying.’

He says his routine pretty much consists of showing up on race day, going through the practice runs, then letting everything rip when the starter does his thing. Nonetheless, he must be aware that when he straddles his Seadoo RXP 1300 craft in the Super Stock Division, that the expectations will be for him to improve on his 5th place finish in last year’s Modified Class, plus there will be others who might pin the label of ‘flash in the pan’ should he not come good in East End.

However Ramgeet goes, he’s quick to point to his support team as the reason he’s there.

‘My parents, Vincent and Tanya Ramgeet, my uncle Vince and Don Patrick are tremendous and I can depend on them to have my craft in tip-top shape come race day,’ he says.

Ramgeet points to the omnipresent Jason Smith as a top flight rider in pursuit of the spoils of the Challenge, but gives high marks to Billy ‘The Kid’ Ebanks and Jordan McLean, commenting that those two are ‘neck and neck’, on the verge of something special.

He’s very liberal in his praise of the growth of the sport in Cayman, and sees the Challenge as another example where crowds just keep getting bigger and the entire show has become a more refined product.

‘The atmosphere is tremendous. The crowds just get into the action whether it be at the start or finish or at the stations. This sport has really caught on and the increase in the number of spectators is very significant. In East End you can expect no different,’ Ramgeet says.

When he lines up on 24th January, Ramgeet will be backed by Electrical Enterprises Ltd., Xstream, OBM, ADTech, and the Business Solutions Technology group.

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