Ribbon campaign tins opened

Tins holding donations for the Hurricane Ivan Ribbon campaign have been opened at Cayman National Bank by the Governor, Mr. Bruce Dinwiddy.

Initiated by the Governor’s Office staff last December, the campaign’s first eighty tins are already doing well, with one containing, a check for $10,000 and another for $5,000. All money collected will be paid into Cayman Islands National Recovery Fund.

Mr. Dinwiddy said the success of the campaign pays testament to the humanity of all who contributed generously. He also thanked Colombian Emeralds International and Cayman National Bank for sponsoring the first two sets of ribbons and expressed the hope that the campaign would continue.

Executive Director for CINRF Mrs. Angela Martins praised the ribbon fundraiser, saying it gives everyone a chance to support the community: ‘This type of campaign affords anyone, even those who can only give a dollar, a chance to contribute to the recovery.’

Colombian Emeralds International and the Good Government Fund from the Governor’s Office sponsored the first batch of 10,000 ribbons, and Cayman National Bank the second. Mrs Martins invited other corporate sponsors to get involved by sponsoring future batches of ribbons.

Although ribbons are available from local businesses, retail outlets, banks and the Government Administration Building, the campaign also focuses on visitors by selling ribbons to passengers at the cruise ship terminal. Any volunteers who would like to assist with the ribbon sale or sponsors may contact Melenie Mylrea at 244-2425 or email her at [email protected]

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