Tortuga shirts aid Pines

It has been months now since the devastating storm called Hurricane Ivan hit Grand Cayman with Category 5 ferocity.

The tiny tightly knit Caymanian community bonded together immediately to start the cleanup and re-building of their beloved little island, states a Tortuga press release.

The hard work and generosity of local and overseas relief organizations contributed tremendously in helping Grand Cayman recover from the effects of the storm, however there are still hardships being endured by organizations such as the Pines Retirement Home who not only rely heavily on charitable donations to help cover the costs of caring for their residents but now need extra funds to restore the damaged structure of their building.

Tortuga Rum Company has come to the rescue by producing a unique design for a T-shirt with graphics depicting images of ‘I Survived Hurricane Ivan’.

Production costs on the shipment of 500 T-shirts will be absorbed completely by Tortuga Rum Company with all proceeds going to the Pines Retirement Home.

These fun shirts are now available for sale in all Tortuga Rum Company locations island wide at a cost of US $12 each.

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