Ag Show decision right

The powers that be are to be commended for their decision this week to go forward with the annual Agricultural Show.

Everyone on Grand Cayman knows how Hurricane Ivan battered vegetation and killed livestock.

To that end, the show will be scaled back and farmers and exhibitors won’t be in competition for the prized awards.

But everyone is encouraged to offer their produce, crafts and canned goods for display.

There will also be the usual events for children.

The decision to go on with the show was a right one made at the right time.

As Grand Cayman continues to rebuild from the September storm it is good and right to maintain some sense of normalcy.

Annual events like the Agricultural Show are in integral part of life on the island. It is eagerly anticipated each year.

Staying on track with such events, no matter how big or small, is important for the healing of the island as a whole.

Agricultural Minister Gilbert McLean has proclaimed that the Ag Show, which will be held on Ash Wednesday, will be a day of fun and fellowship.

Ash Wednesday is one of the holiest of days in the Christian religion. Those who participate in Ash Wednesday ceremonies come away with the sign of the cross in ashes on their foreheads. The ashes remind them that man came from dust. They are also a sign of repentance.

Ash Wednesday is the beginning of the period of Lent when Christians take stock in their lives and seek ways to do better.

It is fitting that the Ag Show be held on a day devoted to a period of healing.

It will be a great day for neighbours from all over Grand Cayman to gather, visit and catch up.

It will be a day when hammers, nails, brooms and mops can be put aside and the arduous task of cleaning and rebuilding shelved for a time.

Ivan took so much. But there are events in the lives of those on Grand Cayman that disaster should never squelch. The Agricultural Show is one such event.

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