Mt. Pleasant holds League lead

This past weekend’s West Bay Recreational Football League football action featured a big match between Birch Tree Hill and Mount Pleasant.
Both teams were highly energised and highly motivated; in their previous meeting the game ended in a 2-2 draw thanks to the late minute heroics of Dwight Moxam who scored the tying goal in the final two minutes of play. It was obvious that neither team were going to settle for another draw; both teams were launching long shots and long passes in an effort to quickly advance the ball into their opponent’s territory, but both defensive units led by Antonio Smith and James Ebanks also showed their quality. It appeared as though the game was going to again end in a 0-0 draw, but Dwight Moxam obviously had an alternative ending on his mind; late in the second half Moxam received the ball inside BT Hill’s 18-yard box. With a defender on his back, Moxam faked left, turned right and blasted the ball, which seemed to move in slow motion, directly into the left “pigeon” of BTH’s Goal to win the game for his team.

The final score was 1-0 in favor of Mount Pleasant who remain as league leaders after moving ahead of Boatswain Bay last week.

The second game featured Boatswain Bay and North West Point in a much anticipated rematch; in their last meeting B-Bay won 3-2 and North West Point have been waiting for their second meeting since then. Both teams came out with tenacity and flare; with talent such as “the dynamic Duo”, Shane and Shaun Ebanks for Boatswain Bay, and John “the general” Kelly for North West point, this game was sure to be a treat.

The first goal came by a text book play from North West Point; defender Vince Kelly passed to midfielder Brian Hydes who then broke down two B-Bay players and found forward Arden “Cheeky” Rivers. Cheeky then shot the ball, which seemed to weave its way through the entire B-Bay defense, and past B-Bay keeper Miguel Pitta for the 1-0 lead! North West Point then managed to hold off B-Bay for the remainder of the first half and even most of the second despite the efforts of Kimani Shaw and Olson “Oli” Bush. Once again it seemed as though the game was over and with Carlo Webster out of the game, things were that much tougher for B-Bay to penetrate NWP’s defensive unit; and then there was Brandon! Boatswain Bay’s Dion Brandon, arguably one of the best technical players on the Island, decided to take matters into his own hands. Brandon masterfully shot the ball from well outside the 18-yard box; the ball flew past NWP’s keeper Bernie Bush and ricocheted off Jared Yates who was trying to prevent the ball from going in. That goal brought an enormous sigh of relief for Boatswain Bay fans and players alike as they narrowly escaped being handed their second loss for the season.

The final score was 1-1.

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