Destination Cayman still growing

Destination Cayman Islands reports that its business continues to grow. The company has been providing safe, secure and easily accessible local website hosting since 2000 and is currently the only local website hosting company, states a press release.

Located in a hurricane rated facility developed and managed by Brac Informatics Centre, the Destination Cayman Islands’ website server remained in operation throughout Hurricane Ivan and did not suffer any damage. The server facility was constructed to International specifications including self sustaining electrical power, built in flood precautions with its floor lifted off the ground and fire and theft security. Also, the hosting centre has a geographical location advantage, as it is located on Cayman Brac protected by the Bluff, the ridge of limestone running through the centre of Cayman Brac.

Even though the Brac did not receive a full on hit by hurricane Ivan, the server centre has precautions to minimise damage if it were in the direct path of a hurricane. In addition to the physical safety measures, a data recovery procedure is in effect to ensure that the data would be available even if the servers were damaged.

‘As companies have overcome the initial shock of the hurricane and are now getting on with business as usual many have considered the security of their electronic data,’ said

Managing Director of Tower Marketing, operators of Destination Cayman Islands, Lynne Byles . ‘This includes their website, which for many companies is a valuable marketing tool. The loss of that tool for any time during or after a disaster, such as a hurricane can affect public perceptions and sales, especially if the business has international customers.’

After the hurricane, customers received two months of web hosting at no cost. Destination Cayman Islands made this offer to existing customers to assist with the rebuilding of their businesses.

Destination Cayman Islands hosts over 200 local websites and has designed websites for many of Cayman’s top companies including:,,,,, as well as Cayman’s premier web portal:

‘Yes, we do provide world class website hosting, which is a given. But it is our direct and personal service that really gives you value for your money,’ said Carolyn Lawe Smith, Destination Cayman Islands Account Manager.

‘Our clients will have confidence in our product knowing that they can call on me as the dedicated account manager to deal with any of their website needs. Our commitment is that we will respond in a professional and timely manner without any of our local clients having to make a single international call,’ she continued.

In addition to website design, Destination Cayman Islands offers a host of web marketing services, which include:

Exploring the benefits of the Internet and your website to market your business;

Demonstrating the various uses of the internet and websites to assist in marketing;

Building website traffic; and

The online payment gateway, C-PAY, to facilitate the SECURE purchase of goods and services via your website.

To get rates and more information about website hosting with Destination Cayman Islands, call or email Carolyn Lawe Smith at 946-6000 or [email protected]

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