Little League needs volunteers

One of Cayman’s largest sports programs was dealt a huge blow by Hurricane Ivan. Says Robbie Cribb, League President: ‘The field was extensively damaged: containers used for storage floated across the fields causing major damage to the fencing on two fields in particular. The building had its share of damage as well with 4 to 5 feet of water through it, which wiped out all the kitchen equipment.’

Another setback was the loss of newly received uniforms and equipment in preparation for the Fall Season that was slated for a late September start. The bleachers, newly installed bleacher covers and dugouts all received sizable damage. Over half of the newly installed lights were either completely lost or damaged as well, which will of course affect the very popular night games the older kids play. Little League has always been a community-based organization and we now need the community and private sector more than we ever have before.

The league had a small ‘work party’ in November and the workers concentrated on getting one of the field’s turf repaired. New equipment has been ordered to replace what was lost.

‘We did loose a lot of balls, gloves and field equipment. Both of the newly installed batting cages were damaged beyond repair,’, said Jim Parham, a long-time volunteer and T-Ball and Rookie Coordinator.

Looking forward, the fields are just about ready and the building repairs are underway. Right now, the attention is on getting the concession stand re-outfitted and operational for the upcoming season. Estimated damage to the entire Field of Dreams will be over CI$100,000 – and that’s just to get the program back up and running, it does not take into account future plans to expand the program.

The League has announced their new schedule, see below. With this comes the need for volunteers to keep the organization in an upward direction. With a program involving over 500 kids, administratively, more than the current 6-7 are needed to do all the behind-the-scenes preparation.

Anyone interested in helping in any way may call Robbie Cribb on 916-0603, or e-mail Pam Parso.

CI Little League Association Schedule

Program Schedule effective January – June, 2005

All events will take place at the Little League’s Field of Dreams

* January 29th:

Little League Work Party

Help is needed to get the fields back together so the kids can play.

Come out to the field and lend a hand. Much has been done, there is just the need to prepare the fields for children’s safety; Time: 8am

* February 26th:

Registration Day – Parents and kids should come out and sign up. League Coordinators will be there to answer your questions and assist you in getting your kids in the right age group; Time: 9am – 1pm

* March 2nd –

Coaches Meeting – all coaches or interested coaches should attend to discuss the upcoming program; Time: 5:30pm

Annual General Meeting – all interested parties and team sponsors, including parents, coaches, umpires and all other volunteers should attend; Time: 7pm

* March 12th:

Games Start,

schedules to be announced

Games will run through June 11th

* June 11th:

End of Season Raffle, Picnic, Awards and Sponsor Presentations

Time: 9am (games schedules to be finalized)

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