Jurors get Cash4Titles case

The jury in the Cash4Titles trial was expected to begin deliberations this morning after final procedural directions from Chief Justice Anthony Smellie.

The Chief Justice completed his summing up of the evidence on Friday, along with his instructions on pertinent law. He had started his summing up on 11 January.

Witnesses whose evidence was reviewed included two accounting experts. Defendants Lewis Rowe and Patrick Tibbetts also gave evidence.

When the Chief Justice began his summing up, he had reminded the 12 jury members that there is no onus on the Defence to prove innocence; it is up to the Prosecution to prove guilt.

The defendants are charged with assisting C4T figures Richard Homa and Michael Gause in retaining the proceeds of criminal conduct. The trial began in May.

In addition to paper copies of documents in the case, jurors have access to thousands of other documents that were scanned into a computer programme for the trial and then put into evidence. Two of the jurors have been trained to use the programme and equipment set up in the jury room.

The jurors will be deliberating from 10am until 4pm, with lunch provided, for ‘so long as you consider it necessary,’ the Chief Justice told them.

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