Variation of licence refused

An application for a Retail Liquor Licence to be transferred from a dive boat to a recently opened restaurant was refused following a special meeting of the Liquor Licensing Board Thursday morning.

Mr. Mervyn Cumber applied for a change of location of a Retail Liquor Licence from M/V Emerald Eyes, Seven Mile Beach and North Sound, to Shop One, Coconut Place, Block 12C, Parcel 16, West Bay Road.

Mr. Cumber confirmed that he is owner of the both the boat and the Coconut Place premises, which houses restaurant Calypso Chicken.

He explained that he applied for the variation on the licence because his son is a major owner of Calypso Chicken, which needs a licence.

The vessel had only made use of the liquor licence a couple of times a month for parties, he said. The vessel is out of service because of Hurricane Ivan, but he hopes to have her back in business later in February.

Mr. Cumber described Calypso Chicken as fine dining with fast food prices, and said he believed a liquor licence would be a good addition to the business.

The restaurant intends to apply for its own liquor licence eventually and then his licence could be moved back, but for the moment he wants his son to be able to avail of it, he explained.

Mr. Cumber said when the restaurant was being renovated last year he agreed to consider moving the licence because he believed there was a moratorium on applying for new licences.

Chairman of the Board Mitchell Welds asked Mr. Cumber was he not aware that the moratorium was lifted for a period last year.

Mr. Cumber said he was not, but if he could have the variation made to this licence then perhaps the restaurant could make its own application.

When questioned by Mr. Welds, Mr. Cumber said he is the owner of the building the restaurant is in, and that is all the involvement he has in the restaurant. He is not involved in the day to day running of it.

Mr. Cumber said his son, however, is very involved in the running of the business, and because of this he expects a certain standard of business practice.

‘Do you realise that if there’s a conviction you’re equally responsible?’ Mr. Welds questioned with regard to the variation being granted.

Mr. Cumber said that he understood this fully.

The decision was made during closed deliberations by the Board.

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