Package liquor licence approved

A new Package Liquor Licence has been provisionally approved to Ms. Ann-Rose Rankin following a special meeting of the Liquor Licensing Board.

The application that had been deficient at a previous meeting was continued at a special meeting of the Board Thursday morning.

The meeting, at Customs Headquarters, was held to hear applications that had been previously submitted since September last year but had been deferred, explained Board Chairman Mitchell Welds. Following Thursday morning’s meeting the board went in to closed deliberations in order to make their decisions.

Ms Rankin had applied for a Package Liquor Licence for Block 19E, Parcel 10, corner of Seymour Drive and North Sound Road, George Town.

Attorney for Ms Rankin, Mr. Steve McField, said the application had been deferred from a previous meeting because it had been deficient with regard to two matters, which had now been addressed.

One was that the application lacked proper plans, and the second reason was the building proposed to be used was a residence, and so an application had to be made for a change of use of the building.

Mr. McField commented that as the building is in a commercial area there should be very few objections, if any, to its change of use.

He said that two applications were made in January in the local press, to notify the public of the change of use. The application must then stay public for 21 days to allow for objections from the public, he said.

‘We still have a further road to travel because the 21 days has not expired,’ he said.

However, Mr. McField did ask the board to consider approving the licence provisionally pending the approval of plans and no objections to the change of use of the premises.

Chairman of the Board Mr. Mitchell Welds clarified that the liquor licence application was for a provisional grant to take effect at a future date.

He commended the applicant on her efforts to clean up the area around the premises.

‘For a while it was an eyesore. The clean-up in itself is a great effort,’ he said. However, he said this praise did not give the green light that the application would be approved.

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