Grand Old House Liquor Licence under fire

An objection filed against Grand Old House to the Liquor Licensing Board requests that its liquor licence be restricted to within the building rather than external areas.

Mr. John Epp had made the objection against Grand Old House. He gave evidence to the board 9 December.

At a special meeting of the Board on Thursday morning at Customs Headquarters, attorney for Grand Old House, Mr. Michael Alberga said those areas serving alcohol outside had been given a licence subject to planning, which had been granted, he said.

It was his understanding that an application had been made for an extension of its licence for a new bar being built. He said he understood the licence was granted subject to planning permission. That had since been granted, he said.

Chairman of the Board Mitchell Welds asked if it could be supported that planning permission had been approved.

Mr. Alberga replied that he could give the Liquor Licensing Board a letter from the Planning Board as proof that permission had been granted.

Mr. Welds asked if the planning permission includes a tent that is sometimes erected at the premises.

‘The tent is not erected on a permanent basis. It’s there for when it rains. It does not stay in the parking lot for any period of time,’ he said.

Mr. Alberga said Mr. Epp had no status to be before the board.

‘If he thinks he has a case of nuisance then he needs to file an application in Grand Court,’ he said.

Mr. Epp said he filed his letter on 25 August, 2004, before the annual renewal of licences. He said this addresses the licence of 2004/2005. His objection focuses on the sale of liquor outside.

He said t is the Liquor Licensing Board that decides whether a premises has permission to sell liquor outside. He said that the tent stays up in the parking lot for weeks on end.

He told the board, ‘My letter is within your area. I’m asking for the Liquor Licence to be restricted to within the building rather than external areas’.

The matter is ongoing.

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