New distributor plans to import French wines

An applicant who has been granted a Distributor Liquor Licence intends to import a variety of good, reasonably priced wines from France.

Mr. Ian Boxall, Madison Place, Fort Street, George Town applied for a Distributor Liquor Licence to the Liquor Licensing Board and first presented his application back in September.

At a special meeting of the Board Thursday morning, Chairman Mitchell Welds apologised for the delay in hearing Mr. Boxall’s application. The Board’s approval was given for Mr. Boxall’s application following the meeting, in closed deliberations.

Mr. Boxall, who holds a Package Liquor Licence, has brought in a variety of wines from France.

He said that many people have commented to him that they would like to have his wines available to them in restaurants.

‘As Cayman gets more sophisticated, more variety is needed,’ he said.

One of the problems in Cayman, said Mr. Boxall, is that there is one big distributor and some smaller ones. This restricts the consumer, he said.

The applicant said he believed he could import good wines that are reasonably priced. This would be good for tourism, he said.

Explaining that he gets his wines from France, Mr. Boxall said it has more wines than any other country in the world.

The tendency in Cayman, he said, is to only have American wines and to have those same wines priced differently in restaurants.

Board member Noel Williams asked how pricing could remain reasonable when importing from France.

Mr. Boxall answered that although the Euro is at a high rate, he can get many wonderful wines and champagnes from France for a third of the price of others, simply because they’re not as well known.

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