Districts get $2M more

The Cayman Islands Cabinet has approved a special $2 million dollar fund to provide hurricane relief assistance to individuals on a district basis, Leader of Government Business McKeeva Bush said yesterday.

Residents in the heavily damaged district of Bodden Town will receive $1 million from the fund, which is separate from other hurricane relief funds, Mr. Bush said.

‘I’ve been through Bodden Town about five times since the hurricane,’ said Mr. Bush. ‘The ministers were very concerned about Bodden Town, and rightly so, because there has been a tremendous amount of damage there.’

Grand Cayman’s other four districts will also receive a portion of the fund, with East End slated to receive $150,000, and North Side $100,000, Mr. Bush said, adding that the remaining $750,000 will be split between George Town and West Bay.

Mr. Bush said some people have asked him why such a fund was not created sooner, after Ivan struck.

‘We first had to tend to national needs,’ he said. ‘We were trying to get us out of emergency services mode. Now we can focus on individual needs.’

Rather than being allocated just for rebuilding things like roofs and walls in houses, the new fund will address a wide range of needs, including things like replacing furnishings and appliances destroyed in the hurricane, Mr. Bush said.

The new fund will be much easier for individuals to access, Mr. Bush said, adding that more details about the fund would be released this week.

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