Today’s Editorial: Make island verdant again

O land of soft, fresh breezed

And verdant trees so fair,

With the Creator’s glory

Reflected ev’rywhere

The words to the national song of the Cayman Islands paint a picture of lush greenery, divinely inspired.

Since Hurricane Ivan, that image has been tarnished.

While there are now signs of blooming vegetation, the Agricultural Department is offering the public a great opportunity Ash Wednesday.

Residents of the Caymnan Islands will be given the chance to buy replacement plants, trees and even some seedlings for backyard grow boxes.

The theme for the day is The Spirit is Alive: Re-planting and Re-growing.

It will be a day when those in the Cayman Islands can come together with the idea in mind of re-growing the once verdant island of Grand Cayman.

The timing of the offering is perfect, or will be, if the rainy season provides the needed moisture to ensure vitality and growth of all vegetation.

Everyone in the Cayman Islands is encouraged to take part in the plant sale next Wednesday and do their own part to make the islands green once more.

As each person does his own part to re-beautify Grand Cayman, a countrywide effort is being considered to form a partnership between the Government and the private sector to plant trees throughout the islands.

Off-island visits will be made to places like Cuba, which was identified as a safe place to get live plants and bring them back to the Cayman Islands.

Caution and care must be used before any plants are allowed into the islands from out of country. Any foreign pest or disease could wipe out the entire ecosystem of the Cayman Islands.

It is good to see that there is an effort to get trees planted and growing again. They help protect from winds and offer needed shade, not to mention aiding in helping produce the oxygen everyone breathes every day.

Several organizations are coming together to offer the plants for sale. Their efforts are to be applauded and taken advantage of.

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