Cayman National honours founding

Members of the Board, Management and staff of the Cayman National Group of Companies (Cayman National Bank, Cayman National Securities, Cayman National Trust. Co, Cayman General Insurance Company and Caymanx Trust (Isle of Man) gathered together on the morning of 28 January to commemorate Cayman National Day.

Four years ago, Cayman National’s Social Committee made the recommendation to observe the date that Cayman National Bank & Trust opened their doors to the Cayman public (January 28, 1974). This initiative was wholeheartedly endorsed by The Board and Senior Management, and also embraced by staff; thus the observance of ‘Cayman National Day’.

During the past four years similar gatherings have taken place with staff participating in the reading of the Cayman National Prayer of Thanksgiving and other messages of homage and allegiance to the Cayman National organization.

This year’s message to mark Cayman National Day was offered by Mr. Ormond Williams, President of Cayman National Bank, on behalf of, and in the absence of Mr. Stuart Dack, President & Chief Executive, Cayman National Corporation. Mr. Dack was in the UK on matters of national interests. In his address Mr. Williams welcomed new staff, congratulated others for academic and professional achievements, remembered those who recently passed and we still mourn, and acknowledged staff for their continued contribution to the success of the Group.

‘We stand as an organization, conscious that strength and character are born out of difficulties; that in failure there are lessons to be learnt; that whilst opportunities abound, they must be seized by us or someone else will’, commented Mr. Williams. ‘We are thankful for our founding fathers who gave birth to Cayman National 31 years ago. Ours is a serious responsibility to preserve, sustain and increase the vision of ‘from humble beginnings, greatness can be achieved’. We must never squander the legacy; we must never abandon the dream’.

Claudia Welds, Senior Executive, Corporate Communications commented. ‘As a team we can all be proud of our heritage as well as the success of the Cayman National organization. Let us continue to strive towards building a winning corporate culture and remember that we are never to accept that the way things are is the way they ought to be, but that every step we take should move us in the direction of our vision. It is also very rewarding to receive positive comments from staff, such as was received from Julie Hunter, Manager, West Bay Customer Service Centre:

“I look forward each year with anticipation to this special day, as I have a great sense of pride in this organisation! I have been a member of this team for 16 1/2 years where I have experienced tremendous growth in my personal and professional development. I am therefore indebted to the organization; on the other hand, I have helped to build this great organisation, so it is with a sense of pride, ownership, and achievement, that I proudly celebrate Cayman National Day.”

Cayman National Corporation is the leading financial services group headquartered in the Cayman Islands and a Major Sponsor of CIASA’s Senior Swim Team. Companies in the group include Cayman National Bank, Cayman General Insurance, Cayman National Trust, Cayman National Securities, Cayman National Insurance Brokers, Cayman National Insurance Managers and Caymanx Trust Company.

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