Chamber offers workshop

The Chamber of Commerce is presenting a workshop, Successful Negotiations, from9am until 4.30pm 16 February.

The workshop will be held in the Chamber of Commerce training room on the second floor of McDonald Square, next door to the Town Hall in George Town

In today’s business world competent negotiators are in high demand. The better your negotiation skills the better your results; regardless of who you are dealing with, states a Chamber release.

Improving your negotiation skills ensures you get more of what you want. Learn to use the techniques highly successful negotiators use. Increase your ability to successfully negotiate with staff, customers or vendors. Attend this one-day intensive course and walk away with greater negotiating skill and confidence.

Applications covered include the following:

Plan to win in any negotiation.

Eliminate false assumptions that hold you back.

Determine your source of power and the weaknesses of your opponent

Master 4 key negotiation behaviors

Increase your psychological advantage over your opponent

Build profitable deals that stick

Effectively deal with tough negotiators

Defeat dirty tricks

This full day seminar costs $125 per person for members; $200 for non-members

The facilitator is Mr. Rod Waddell, an international consultant in management development, human resources and staff training. He has numerous clients in the Fortune 500 Group in North America as well as more than 20 years experience in the Cayman Islands. He has conducted seminars and workshops for the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce for more than 12 years. Mr. Waddell has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Counseling from the University of Central Florida.

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