Senior attributes health to veggies

Mr. Lee Goldbourne radiates health.

Mr. Goldbourne, 92, is in full control of his faculties and remains spry.

He credits his parents for his good health; they were vegetarians.

The only meat that has passed his lips is an occasional piece of fish.

‘I’ve never tasted meat. My parents were Seventh Day Adventists. Your body needs to be in good shape if you serve God,’ Mr. Goldbourne said.

‘The trend of eating today is different than what it used to be decades ago, but I believe people want to eat better,’ he said.

‘When God created man, he did not eat flesh during the first days. Plants were the original food source. Man did not start to eating meat until 2000 years ago. It was just plants,’ he said.

At the age of 75 when most people might think of slowing down Mr. Goldbourne opened Cayman Health Food Store so he could share the secret of his health.

He says that a daily regiment of supplements and herbs is the key to his wellness.

This, along with his need to help others, is what got Mr. Goldbourne interested in herbs.

His dream was to become a doctor but because his parents were not wealthy he had to take another path.

One of his jobs included being a librarian, which he attributes to his vast knowledge of nutrition and vitamins.

‘I believe we should all be supplementing our diet. That is one of the reasons we opened Cayman Heath Food Store.

‘We need supplements because most of the food today is grown by artificial means, with fertilizers and all sorts of things, which could make the soil void of nutriments,’ he said.

He says he has noticed people are becoming more interested in finding a better way to live and many will do just about anything to improve their health.

He said there is an herb for almost every disease.

‘People are becoming more wise to health today. They are turning back to old ways and eating more vegetables like plants with green leaves, which are the blood of plants and provide us with the best source of nutrition. Green leafy vegetables should be eaten every day; lettuce, spinach, callaloo, broccoli,’ he said.

‘Pumpkin seeds are good for prostate health. Spirulina (a supplement) promotes immune health and a slew of other things. Prevention is better than cure,’ he said.

‘I am not advocating that people take every supplement there is. They should know what they are taking. But if a person comes in my store with a problem, more than likely we can come up with a solution,’ Mr. Goldbourne said.

A long-time customer Mr Edgar Mendez said he believes in the holistic approach.

‘I don’t take synthetic medication. I believe in herbs. My entire family comes here for the medication. I take Floradix for iron and Ester C for the cold.’

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