Today’s Editorial: Ag Day was a success

Everyone who attended the Agriculture Day yesterday is to be commended for showing up and proving that the Cayman spirit is indeed still alive and well.

There was a fear that this year’s show – a scaled down version of the annual Agricultural Show – wouldn’t be well attended and that produce, handicraft and livestock displays would be small and lacking.

But those fears proved to be unfounded. The displays of produce were awesome. The craftwork showed artisan flare and the livestock was healthy and a sight to behold.

Patrons to the Agriculture Day began showing up as soon as 7am; gates officially opened at 8am and the day kicked off at 10am.

Those who arrived early had to move through throngs of people, elbow to elbow, in search of vegetable and ornamental plants and seeds. That show of force was just another example of everyone in the Cayman Islands pulling together to replant and re-grow.

The annual Agricultural Show in Cayman Brac last Saturday was reported to be bigger and better than those in the past.

Agriculture Minister Gilbert McLean told the throngs of patrons Cabinet has approved $1M to go to farmers to help them recover from Hurricane Ivan. How the money will be allocated is yet to be determined.

Many farmers were dealt a devastating blow from Hurricane Ivan and without some help it will be years before they can get back to the point where they were before the storm.

As the Minister told the crowd yesterday, one of the lessons learned from Ivan is the importance of being self-sufficient in terms of being able to feed ourselves.

Those who had homegrown produce canned and in the pantry were indeed better off than those who had to wait in long lines at supermarkets soon after the storm to buy rations of food.

The Cayman Islands are slowly returning to some sense of normalcy. Continuing with an Ag Day on Ash Wednesday was just one step in that return.

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