Cayman National backs team

With the recent start-up of the soccer Season for the Primary Schools, Cayman National was quick to respond to a plea for help in providing support for the Golden Eagles team of First Baptist Christian School. Coach Greg Simcoe thanked Cayman National for their donation. ‘This money will be used to purchase soccer equipment that was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan,’ he said. ‘Our under-9 and under-11 teams both finished third place in the Inter-Primary Soccer League last year, with participation of over 50 students from our school. This donation will provide our school with the opportunity to again have another successful season this year. First Baptist Christian School applauds Cayman National for their support of our school soccer program’.

‘It is so encouraging to note that life for our children and young people are getting back to normal after all that has happened with the passage of Hurricane Ivan,’ said Claudia Welds, Cayman National’s Corporate Communications Senior Executive.

‘Their precious little lives were certainly traumatized during this time, and it is important that we are all involved in doing whatever it takes to bring back stability and tranquility to them. There is certainly the need to provide an avenue for them to positively expend all of the energy they have.’

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