Today’s Editorial: Debris must be removed

MC Restoration is rapidly approaching its contracted amount of 300,000 cubic yards of debris.

That leaves the question of whether the debris removal company will be granted a contract extension or whether other arrangements will be made for the continued retrieval and removal of Hurricane Ivan debris.

When MC signed a contract with the Cayman Islands in November, their contract was based on collection of 300,000 cubic yards of debris.

Now 600,000 cubic yards of debris has been estimated as a result of the September storm.

The extra debris is being created as homeowners receive their insurance payments and hire contractors to refurbish their homes.

Sheetrock is still being torn out of buildings and other construction debris is piling up.

In some cases areas that were spotlessly clean a week ago are again strewn with litter because of construction.

Whether MC Restoration or another company is retained to continue the cleanup operation, it is clear that much more work needs to be done.

Homeowners who hire contractors to make repairs are urged to have it in writing that the contractors will clean up any messes they make and to not just deposit the debris on the roadside for someone else to collect.

One of the ongoing problems with debris removal is the practice of private haulers to overload trucks without any way to secure the loads.

It is not uncommon to see debris such as refrigerators, washing machines and tin falling from these trucks on to the roadways and possibly on to vehicles, creating scenarios for deadly accidents.

Members of CIRO assured the Cayman Islands last month that all MC Restoration trucks have security measures in place to ensure debris won’t fall out and become a hazard.

Debris removal must continue, but in a safe and orderly manner.

It is also imperative that the debris from Hurricane Ivan and the post rebuilding be removed as soon as possible to reduce the number of rodents, which seem to have been invading peoples’ homes.

With rodents comes disease.

The Cayman Islands is recovering from Hurricane Ivan. It is incumbent that debris removal continues at a quick pace.

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