Carnival adds Valor to cruise line

Cayman has added another of Carnival’s ‘Fun Ships’ to its list of cruise liners.

The Carnival Valor pulled into port on its inaugural voyage to the Cayman Islands recently.

Commemorating the call on board, Cruise captain Giovanni Cutugno welcomed invited guests and exchanged maritime plaques with Cayman representative Port Facility Security Officer Joseph Wood in the Winston’s Cigar Bar.

‘It is important to keep adding more cruise vessels to Grand Cayman, even more so now than before because of what happened in the past couple of months,’ said Mr. Cutugno, referring to damage caused by Hurricane Ivan.

He also said he was positive that Cayman would continue to rebuild and bring the island back.

The 110,000-ton floating resort houses up to 2,974 guests, has 22 lounges and bars, a 13,300-square-foot spa, four swimming pools, a 214-foot-long waterslide, a duty-free shopping mall and facilities for children and teens.

Heroes and Heroics is the central theme of the ship. At every turn and alleyway the ship speaks for itself of the rich diversity of décor and architecture. All over the ship the American Bald Eagles painted a rich golden colour perch proudly on mantels decorating every turn of the way.

In the Valor’s aft show lounge named Eagles, Eagles crafted from four types of wood adorn the room. In addition, glass cases throughout the room display realistic models of life-sized eagles, posed as if in their natural environment. Light fixtures are also fashioned of stainless steel and resemble eagles in flight.

Another exciting and interesting room is the Heroes lounge, which pays homage to a variety of heroes such as Amelia Earhart, Neil Armstrong, George Washington and many others.

‘One Small Step’ is another delightful enviornment with its space age décor, which sports hero Neil Armstrong – the first man to set foot on the moon.

The Washington and Lincoln Dining rooms are also impressive. These twin dining rooms features candle-like chandeliers and seat about 700 people.

The ship also has something just for kids – Camp Carnival, and teens – The Caboose. For adults there are Shogun Club casino, Scarlett’s club and Lindy Hop – a piano bar honouring Charles Lindbergh – the first pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic.

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