Deutsche Bank secures Blues’ fame

Too Blue to Lose, an educational DVD about the Grand Cayman Blue Iguana, is on course for completion later this year, thanks to a donation from Deutsche Bank (Cayman) Ltd.

The collaborative project, between the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme and Wild Wings Vision, was originally slated as a 20-minute mini-documentary, but since then, opportunity has knocked again, and now a much more ambitious product with international appeal is in the making.

Initial filming, by producer Dorothea Schwab of Wild Wings, went so well it was decided to extend the project. This became possible when the German television channel VOX commissioned Wild Wings to produce a half-hour German language documentary on the Blues. Dorothea worked extensively with Programme Director Fred Burton and additional cameramen Stefan Hisge and Michael von Loeper to film the two productions in parallel.

Long hours, careful planning and exceptional good luck came together to capture unique, stunning footage of the Blue Iguanas mating, fighting and nesting. After a marathon editing session, the VOX documentary aired in November 2004, hitting top ratings in its class, reaching 1.11 million viewers. Clearly, Too Blue to Lose had the potential to reach out far beyond the schools of the Cayman Islands, with a receptive international audience.

Discussions with the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust led to another exciting development. A comic voice that will be recognized by millions has agreed to be the voice of principal lead in the film, ‘King Blue’. With comedy, celebrity, and stunning wildlife images secured, the team made a presentation to the initial sponsors of the project, Deutsche Bank (Cayman) Ltd. The board immediately recognized further potential of the project and agreed to assist the programme by providing an unprecedented grant of CI$80,000 to develop the film as an educational tool, which would be distributed to an international audience.

‘After viewing some of the clips, we knew that we had to see the project completed’ states Deutsche Bank’s Marketing Manager Sophie Ebanks. We were proud to be a part of the original project in early 2004, and are confident that the stunning footage will help aid in the education of Cayman of our indigenous Blue Iguana’s.

Too Blue to Lose should become available for distribution to local schools in the Cayman Islands, and for sale to the public, in late 2005. For further information about the film, see

Deutshe bank presentation ed/feb05

Sophia Ebanks of Deutsche Bank presents Fred Burton of the Blue Iguana Recovery Progarmme with a cheque for the save the blue Iguana drive. Photo: Jewel Levy

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