Today’s Editorial: Transparency

George Town MLA Alden McLaughlin has cracked the door open to questions that have been asked but unanswered about the condition of the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority.

Many throughout the Cayman Islands have tried to get information from HSA about the goings on at the Cayman Islands Hospital.

Specific questions have been asked about the status of some doctors.

Even this newspaper has attempted to get answers, only to be told that the information is none of our business.

We disagree.

As the newspaper of record for the Cayman Islands, the Caymanian Compass is a voice for the community when dealing with governments and institutions.

It shouldn’t take a public forum like the LA to get answers.

While HSA is an authority, it does get funding from the Government. That funding comes out of the pockets of the people who live and work in this country.

Mr. McLaughlin’s request for answers came during his debate on the proposed Supplementary Appropriations Bill tabled in the House.

He wants to know why there is an additional expenditure of nearly $10 million for HSA.

He also wants someone at HSA to address the rumour that five doctors have left the hospital since the beginning of the year.

These are legitimate questions that deserve honest answers.

Basically, Mr. McLaughlin is asking for transparency.

HSA is a service to the people of the Cayman Islands. The hospital would not exist if there weren’t patients to treat and to charge.

It is not right for HSA to hide information from the public and it’s downright wrong to keep information from voting members of the Legislative Assembly.

Some sun needs to be shone on the issues surrounding HSA and specifically the public hospital.

To repeat Mr. McLaughlin, are our health services being compromised or are they not? Someone, indeed, ought to tell us.

Hopefully the questions will be answered in the Legislative Assembly.

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