Keep our own bad habits

As we approach, or enter into, cruise ship season I’d like to make a request of the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism.

I’m very concerned with the ‘types’ of people that are arriving on our shores in increasingly larger numbers. I feel that the DoT should properly monitor visitors to this Island and screen the ‘undesirables.’

It is disturbing to me that a particular demographic is bombarding our residents and our children with ‘alternative’ ideas – in direct contrast to our own.

These ‘non-mainstream’ ideas infect the collective psyche of our children and embed themselves in their subconscious and before you know it – POOF! our children are converted to a perverse and despicable way of life.

As a matter of fact – my child has succumbed to this growing social menace.

I was fast asleep several nights ago when I heard some stirrings in the front part of the house. I awoke and approached cautiously. When I turned on the lights, I was shocked at what I saw: my child, in a Hawaiian print shirt with white knee socks and black loafers, EATING at 2am.

I don’t know what kind of sick individual would do something like that to a child, but I knew it had to come from outside our borders – and off a cruise ship. He’d been brainwashed by a cruise ship passenger. Converted. We must stop this scourge from invading our children’s lives any further.

These cruise shippers have taken my son. They’ve stolen his soul and shattered his identity.

He now wears day-glow coloured clothing, aqua socks and Hard Rock T-shirts. He looks left before he steps into traffic, crosses the street outside the crosswalks; and just the other day I found a Speedo in his room.

He’s only 12 years old.

I feel certain that in a couple of years he’ll start asking ‘those’ sorts of questions. Stuff like, ‘Is there shopping at Stingray City?’ and ‘Does the water go all the way around the island?’

These questions are hard enough to deal with from tourists – just think how much harder they will be coming from the mouths of our own children. And all in the name of tourism revenue.

Do we really need the money that badly? Are the Cayman Islands so desperate for tourist dollars that they are willing to sacrifice our children’s social, intellectual and dietary futures?

I beg the DoT to commence a study at once to investigate the long-term social ramifications of this cruise ship ideology and its impact on our children. Of course the contract should be awarded to an ex-pat company, should cost buckets of money, and should take a very long time to complete before the results are ‘reviewed’ and ultimately forgotten.

Until then I urge parents throughout our islands to wake up and become more a part of their children’s lives. Rise up in righteous indignation against the cruise shippers who would take over the lives of our youth! Teach the children.

Teach them that T-shirts with a lady’s bikini-clad body painted on the front are NOT cool; white socks DON’T go with open-toed sandals; it ISN’T healthy to eat seven high-fat meals a day; and for goodness sake, look right before you step off the curb!

It may be too late for my son, but it’s not too late for others.

With God’s help, parents’ involvement, and the Government’s guidance, we can prevent this cruise ship phenomenon from totally taking over the lives of our youth.

Remember parents: if you don’t teach your kids your bad habits, somebody else will teach them theirs. Only you can keep bad taste from becoming the Cayman Islands number one import.

Name withheld by request

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