Everyone can solve crime

The continuing rise in serious crime in Cayman should give us all real reason for concern.

Several weeks ago there was a brutal rape and assault in the West Bay area. Last week there was yet another armed robbery. After just surviving Hurricane one might naturally assume that there would be a decline in criminal activity. Unfortunately the opposite has been true.

The realization has to be made that there is a direct correlation between the rising crime rate and the failings of certain social programs as well as a general disintegration of our society as a whole.

There is no doubt that the problems that we are faced with today are not ones that have appeared over night as through some unnatural forces.

Many people discuss these issues with the sole intent of putting blame squarely on the shoulders of our current political leaders.

I would like to stress that is not my intent here. To the contrary, I would like to assert that in order for us to rectify the current situation we all have to take responsibility and assign whatever blame there is on our own shoulders. To a certain degree, many of us have played a role in this general disintegration of our collective values as a community. I remember recently listening to someone talk about the Cayman of ‘yester year’ and he noted that ‘those Caymanians were the salt of the earth’. I reflected on this and wondered have we changed so much?

The short answer is clearly YES! How many times have we all turned our heads when we see something occurring that we could have acted upon?

We now live in a society that encourages material possessions and the attaining of personal goals over community aims and objectives. Many are no longer concerned about the collective well being of our country.

Instead, our thoughts and actions reflect a certain self-centeredness and egotism. In the eyes of many persons Hurricane Ivan should have been the catalyst that was to bring us together as a community. In many respects that has occurred and I applaud those individuals who are now taking the time to re-examine their purpose here in life.

I have personally offered myself up for public office here in Cayman for the district of Bodden Town. This has been done not in hopes of any personal gain; but instead because I see so much happening around me that causes me to be gravely concerned.

In my heart and mind I know that I am willing, capable and able to make a difference. I don’t want to ever imply that I have all of the answers to our problems. As a matter of fact, I often say that for me life is one big lesson. I am constantly learning and the willingness to learn is the key to constantly growing. As a country we have a lot of growth yet to do. Many people now realize that because we have not been properly prepared for our growth in the past we have gravely suffered. It is not too late for us to focus our efforts on what is important and refocus this country.

You are probably wondering how you can play a role in putting Cayman on the right track. We all have our niches to fill in this community and everyone will have to ascertain the level of participation which they are comfortable with. I was recently speaking to someone who said to me that she has never voted in her life.

Given the fact that she was middle aged I was quite appalled by this statement. I then asked her how she expected to make a change which she had previously spoken about. Her answer was simple, she will encourage others to vote and make the change for her. Let me encourage us all to take responsibility for what ails us. It is not sufficient to say that the responsibility lies with other people in our community. If we are all willing to work together the future of Cayman will undoubtedly be brighter.

Sandra Catron

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