Thanks go to swim coach

As president of the CIASA Board, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Coach Dave Kelsheimer for his contributions to the success the sport of swimming has been able to achieve locally and internationally under his direction and wish him well in his new employment with Highlander Aquatics.

In view of our demographics, his achievements during his 10-year-tenure have been nothing s short of remarkable. Whilst his contributions and commitment to the swim programme have been impressive, our success was also made possible through the hard work and dedication of the coaching staff, swim parents, the past and present members of the CIASA Board, the Ministry of Community Services, Women’s Affairs, Youth and Sport, our sponsors and the Sports Department of whom I also extend my gratitude for their support of the programme and Coach Dave’s vision.

The Board is working closely with Mr. Dalton Watler, the government’s director of sports, and has elected board members Mike Barrowman, local resident and former Olympian, to assist with the recruitment process, which involves a replacement for the head coach and maintaining the current coaching staff complement to ensure continuity of the programme at the level it has achieved.

Continued support will also be extended to Coach Dominic Ross, who has accepted a deputy role, and his staff, during this transition phase.

With the express support of the Government and the community, the Board is positive that the swim programme will remain on track with its goals, values and objectives and will continue to achieve the standard of swimming that Coach Kelsheimer has established on the island.

Laurence Fraser

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