Stop poisoning the dogs

My family and I were in Cayman through Hurricane Ivan.

We are a family that loves animals. When the Humane Society announced that foster homes were needed for dogs, we took in a litter of three beautiful puppies.

We sheltered them, bathed them, fed them and nurtured them through the whole catastrophic event. A week after the hurricane my children and I had to evacuate due to health issues I tried to take the puppies back to the Humane Society and it was in no condition for sheltering.

I then proceeded to take the puppies to the vet and have them examined and while there I was told they could not shelter them either, so I would have to keep them.

I invested quite a bit on a kennel, food, meds, etc. and decided to deal with it within the best of my abilities.

I left the Island and my husband was left with the whole responsibility of the puppies plus our own pets. I would have to say there was no other way of doing this.

He had long days at work plus trying to get our home back together juggling everything plus tending to the pets.

Two of the puppies disappeared – both males – and one remained, a beautiful female we named Sweet Pea.

I asked my husband to take the dog in to have her spayed and checked out at the vet’s and while there they kept her and told him to come back to pick her up when she was ready. They never gave her back, instead they sent her to Houston and accused him of animal cruelty because the dog had the leash too tight; let me guess, from being fed and getting fat and healthy from being fed properly?

In the meantime the other two puppies are still missing. They are reddish brown with a black snout. I wouldn’t be surprised if these are amongst the dogs poisoned by cruel, heartless people.

I am irate to read the news on the web and find out how cruel people can be to animals.

On that note, we are people who truly love and give animals the care they deserve and my husband and I are extremely hurt and angry a t how he was treated by some people I will not mention.

Seriously, every one in Cayman was trying to do the best to survive after the Hurricane. Everyone was in survival mode. For us to take on extra responsibility with these puppies and then to be told we were cruel is pitiful.

Try struggling to survive, rebuild your home, work, and deal with pets at the same time. You might ask well why did we take them in. Well if it wasn’t us it would have been someone else, either way there was no way of foreseeing the future and knowing the immense damage the hurricane would cause; therefore not being able to take them back. Through it all the puppies were safe and sound playing with my children. These people had no right to say that.

To the public, stop poisoning these poor dogs.

Clariza Belfoure

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