No aid for Cubans

Although no one should condone the alleged use of violence by some Cuban migrants to commandeer vessels, innocent migrants should not be made to suffer for them.

Cubans are desperately fleeing their homeland, in search of freedom and a better way of life. Our memories must not be so short that we cannot remember the perilous journeys across the ocean taken by our own ancestors from Cayman to Cuba during the lean years of the early 20th Century. As a result, many Caymanian families have grandparents – indeed parents – who were born on Cuban soil. Where would they be if no one had offered a helping hand to them when Castro’s regime became too oppressive to bear and they decided to come to Cayman?

Cayman should not facilitate evil and enable oppression by turning away from neighbours who have only one request in life: the freedom to dream their own dreams.

Charles D. Bush

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