Safety concerns abound for storage tanks

Important rules exist for petroleum and other dangerous substances storage tanks.

All above-ground tanks storing dangerous substances must have a secondary containment capable of holding 110 per cent of the tanks’ volume.

Tank owners and operators must clearly label the contents of all tanks.

Unmanned tanks must display a sign with the operator’s name and phone number.

The tanks’ capacity must be labelled on the tank.

A safety overfill system must be installed to prevent overfilling including an alarm that sounds when the liquid level in the tank reaches 90 percent of capacity and automatically stops delivery of liquid to the tank when the liquid level in the tank reaches 95 per cent of capacity.

Minimum safe distances for building or placing tanks from property lines or public ways must be followed depending on the tank capacity.

Application to the planning department for all tanks over 250 gallons is required.

Instructions on how to safely install and maintain storage tanks can be found in NFPA 30 or by calling the Chief Petroleum Inspector Gary McTaggart at 769-FUEL or Allan Foster at 769-7526 extension 238.

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