4 in charge at GT RCIP

Police Inspectors Derrick Elliott, Martin Bodden, Norah Ebanks and Keron Cupid are in charge of the four shifts at the George Town Police Station.

Inspectors Elliott, Cupid and Ebanks were all promoted in 2004 and Inspector Bodden was promoted at the end of 2003, states a RCIP press release.

Inspector Elliott joined the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service in 1977 to serve the community and to help fight crime. During his extensive years of service he worked at the George Town Police Station, Traffic Department and the Cayman Brac Police Station. He states that the main goal of his position as shift inspector is to help improve policing.

Inspector Bodden has been a police officer for over 23 years. He has gained experience in the Traffic Department, Criminal Investigation Department, Complaints and Discipline Department, West Bay Police Station and George Town Police Station. He joined the RCIPS because as a young man he always held police officers in high regard and decided that he wanted to be a member of the elite group that assisted the people of these islands and visitors from all around the world. He also hopes to be a good leader for the officers on his shift.

Inspector Ebanks is the only female inspector in the service. She joined the RCIPS in 1981 in order to make the community a safer place. She has worked at the George Town Police Station, Criminal Investigation Department, Family Support Unit, Traffic Department, Outstations, and Exhibits. She is grateful to all of her colleagues and her family for their support throughout the years and she encourages women police constables and sergeants to take their promotion exams so that they can excel through the ranks.

Inspector Cupid is a 17-year police veteran who joined the service in 1988 and has been assigned to the Criminal Investigation Department, the Traffic Department, George Town Police Station, Outstations and the Cayman Brac Police Station. Inspector Cupid hopes to make a positive contribution to the service as shift inspector and he also feels that the four years that he spent in Cayman Brac were very beneficial as he gained a great deal of experience that has helped him in his current position.

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