Today’s Editorial: Transparency offered

True to his word, Health Minister Gilbert McLean answered questions surrounding the Health Services Administration in Finance Committee at the Legislative Assembly.

For that, we thank him.

The Caymanian Compass also thanks HSA director Steve Scott for contacting the newspaper and being forthright with information. Questions this newspaper posed about HSA have been answered and a report on those will appear in tomorrow’s newspaper.

The job of a good, reputable newspaper is to act on behalf of the public and pose questions to proper authorities on issues that have influence in peoples’ daily lives and write meaningful reports on those answers.

The Caymanian Compass is a voice for the community.

To tune in to that voice even more, reporters will now include their email addresses under their bylines on their stories.

These email addresses can be used by readers who have tips, story ideas and comments about those stories and other issues.

Just as the Compass demands transparency from Government and other agencies, we believe we, too, must offer transparency.

Providing email addresses is another tool to allow the public to have more input into what the Compass covers.

Another valuable tool is, the website of Cayman Free Press.

The website has been developed to the point that Internet users can read stories that appear in the Caymanian Compass on a daily basis.

Users can also read daily comics, do our interactive crossword, read their horoscopes, check the weather from local and international Accuweather sources, download the daily television listings, send letters to the editor, submit their advertisements using a special form and look at the online archives.

Once all the phases are complete, users will see a full online product.

Emails,, Today’s News Today are all efforts of the Caymanian Compass to not only help keep readers informed, but to offer readers a chance at more input.

The Compass anxiously awaits your thoughts and suggestions.

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