Move made to calm traffic

As part of Grand Cayman’s Traffic Calming Programme, the National Roads Authority conducted a comprehensive traffic calming study to determine the speed and volume of the motorists that travel through the Prospect Park Area.

This study was a first-time attempt to look at a large area comprising several subdivisions all interconnected by ten streets.

The streets were Prospect Drive, Bonnie View Avenue, Mahogany Way, Mangrove Avenue, Patricks Avenue, Logwood Way, Admirals Avenue, Bamboo Street, Birch Avenue and Marina Drive.

Based on need, the NRA began work 14-18 February on various traffic calming measures within the Prospect area. There have been numerous requests for traffic calming along Prospect Road and Logwood Way and the Prospect Area Traffic Calming Plan was therefore phased to begin along and in the vicinity of those two roads.

The first phase comprises placing three speed humps on Prospect Drive, between Shamrock Road and Holly Drive, with a mini-roundabout at Holly Drive and Prospect Drive. On Logwood Way and in its vicinity, mini-roundabouts will be placed at the intersection of Logwood Way/Orange Drive, Grape Avenue/Mahogany Way, Orange Drive/Mahogany Way and Almond Avenue/Mahogany Way. These measures are appropriate for speed and volume reduction, while the mini-roundabouts can also provide aesthetic appeal.

A six-month review will be conducted to determine the appropriateness and effectiveness of these measures in reducing the speed and volume in the Prospect area. The planned review will also include consultations with area residents.

The NRA asks the public for their understanding while they continue to improve the road network. For further information on the Grand Cayman Traffic Calming Programme, please contact Mrs. Marion Pandohie at the NRA on 244-4824.

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