Outreach programme raises the roof

The need to get a roof back over everyone’s head is the driving force behind Stingray Construction’s community outreach programme.

‘We will do as much as possible, as fast as we can until every person has a roof again,’ says a determined Michael Ryan, owner of Stingray Construction. ‘There is a crying need out there, and it has to be addressed. People cannot be productive without proper homes to live in,’ he continues.

Stingray Construction’s outreach teams have already repaired more than 25 homes and their goal is to repair at least two homes weekly. Mr. Ryan, who has done some of the repair work himself, credits his staff for donating their time on weekends to get the job done, states a GIS press release.

His company is part of the Cayman Islands Recovery Operation roofing project in which local construction companies have been asked to assemble five-person teams to repair the houses of those who have received allotments from the Housing Recovery Grant.

In addition to Stingray Construction which has been on board from the start, some nine additional firms have indicated they will join the project. The work teams will enable the HRG to repair more roofs with less money, since companies will charge reduced fees or even work at cost.

In the case of Stingray Construction, supervisory and administrative staff members donate their time, thereby eliminating overheads and leaving more money for roofing materials. The company was also able to source large donations for supplies, including $50,000 from Mr. Bill Marriott, through the Marriott Foundation.

‘Our staff has been wonderfully supportive of the community and I am proud of the difference they are making. It’s a good feeling to get a thank you from someone when a roof goes up,’ says Mr. Ryan.

He urges all to stay focused on the restoration process: ‘Now that the lights are back on and water runs through the taps again, we should not become complacent. For the sake of a better future, everyone has to keep working full steam to restore the island.’

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