Cubans should get compassion

Shame on the Caymanian government for the recent decision to repatriate desperate Cubans arriving by sea; seeking freedom from Castro’s gulag.

As your island enjoys all the material benefits of a booming tourist industry, and most Caymanians live in relative prosperity, is there no sympathy or compassion for those trying to escape the hellacious communist system to the island north? Or is it just that your officials cannot be “bothered” by the necessary complications of dealing with such poor souls in their quagmire of regulations and official stampton?

I know both Cayman and Cuba having spent many weeks on both islands. I have endured the indifference and abuse of immigration and customs officials as they contemptuously dealt with us poor sailors; seamen only looking for safe harbour, and to visit our Caymanian friends. Our Caymanian friends, I like to think, would have caring for those trying to escape to freedom. Have their leaders gotten so caught up in serving the thousands who visit by cruise ship, pouring millions daily into the economy, that they have no time for a mother and child who would take to a dangerous sea in a leaky boat, just for the chance to experience liberty and escape tyranny? It sounds so from here.

John Bomar

Arkadelphia, Arkansas


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