Take a bike ride

I have just read with interest the article about the traffic coming into George Town from the East End.

In a country as flat and with a beautiful climate that it has I am surprised you didn’t suggest that people use the most economically and environmentally friendly form of transport there is, namely the bicycle.

My whole family travels to work, school etc. every day on bikes. I ride mine leaving Bodden Town at 7am, getting into work at 8am and happily sail past everyone in the queue.

My husband then cycles our girls in (baby of one year old and a toddler of two) to school and nursery.

You may have even spotted him because he certainly gets some looks with a baby in the bike seat the toddler in the trailer and a British Flag flying to warn motorists that they are there.

But what amazes me is that when the four of us are cycling home we still get motorists driving past us at speed, far too close and they even get annoyed that we may slow them down a microsecond more than they would have done had they not come across us. I thought it was seriously easy going in the Caribbean.

Amanda Noble

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