Morritt’s offers retail

A new grocery store and retail outlets will greet visitors to Morritt’s Tortuga Club and Grand Resorts in September.

The Morritt’s Shopping Centre is going up across the road from the resort between East End and North Side. Inside it will be a Foster’s Food Fair and retail shops for Red Sail and Tortuga Divers, along with other offerings.

‘We’ve been working with our consultants and the insurance company and it looks like we will have 70 per cent of our available rooms open by the first of September,’ said Robert White, chairman of Morritt’s Properties Cayman.

The retail centre should also open about the same time, he said.

As most other hoteliers through the Cayman Islands, owner David Morritt vows to bring his report back bigger and better than before.

The restaurant is being redesigned to create a bigger space for the owners and guests of the resort.

Activities will also be reintroduced and added to. ‘We’ll be back to offering 50 different activities on a weekly basis,’ said Mr. White.

There will be more night entertainment, outside dining and the dock improved.

Damage to the resort was extensive.

Roofs of Tortuga units, ocean side, and the main building roof needed to be replaced. There was some damage to the Grand roofs

There was major damage throughout where most units will need to be stripped and completely redone. Ivan took with him the resort’s dock and the Tortuga Divers building has to be replaced

The main building restaurant and lobby are being completely redone. Mimi Morritt is coordinating the redesign effort

‘Hopefully in the discussions with our carrier we are going to have a good settlement that will allow Morritt’s to regain the high standards we are known for,’ said Mr. White.

‘We definitely want our resort back, bigger and better than before,’ said Mr. Morrit.

Morritt’s typically had 90 per cent to 95 per cent occupancy year-round before the September storm. ‘We really know the impact of what that does for the island,’ he said.

As Mr. White and Mr. Morritt turned their attention to rebuilding the resort, they also took a look around the East End community where Ivan lashed out hard.

Morritt’s Grand Cayman East End Hurricane Relief Fund Inc. was established with tax deductible money from the generosity of timeshare owners and guests.

Through the fund food, water and other necessities were provided to the East End community. Supermarket coupons were made to help current and former resort employees keep food on their tables. The coupons are presented at Foster’s Food Fair and exchanged for food.

Through an agreement with government, Tortuga was also able to provide fresh water to East End.

‘We were happy we were able to help the people of East End,’ said Mr. White.

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