Sunrise helps others help themselves

Deborah-Ann Lee is a Sunrise Rotarian and also the Resident Tutor and Head of the University of the West Indies.

As a Sunrise Vocational Committee member she learned of the need to teach aspiring job seekers the importance of the first impression in an excellent program organised by Cassandra Parchment and the Department of Children and Family Services. Deborah-Ann promptly offered the facilities of the University and teaching has begun, states a press release.

Helping people help themselves is what Rotary is all about and this particular initiative will help candidates improve self confidence and present themselves favourably in person and in writing when job seeking.

Some are encouraged to consider re-training and all will benefit from the experience. A number of workshops are planned and anyone interested should contact Cassandra Parchment at 925-5345 for more details.

Pupils are helped to write their own resume and will be allowed to use the University computer laboratory for a really professional presentation.

“Rotary Sunrise and the University are delighted to assist” said Deborah-Ann Lee. She is one of 62 members from Cayman and 14 other countries, mostly young professionals who are having fun helping in the community. They meet at the Grand Old House every Wednesday for breakfast.

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