Humane Society hits the road

The Cayman Islands Humane Society will take its efforts directly to the public when it conducts its Adoption Roadshow this Saturday at Kirk Supermarket from 9 am until 5 pm.

Humane Society director Sally Castro said the event will offer fun for the whole family, including a chance for children to interact with the animals.

While organisers will strive to have several dogs and kittens adopted on Saturday, they are particularly keen on finding a home for Tino and Eva, two dogs that have been with the Humane Society for more than five years.

The two dogs must be adopted together, said Ms. Castro.

‘We don’t have the heart to separate them,’ she said. ‘What Tino does, Eve does. They make the cutest couple.’

Humane Society manager Jackie Zelaya agreed.

‘They’ve always been together and need to stay together,’ she said. ‘They’re good dogs, and they’re good with kids.’

The Humane Society shelter is past its capacity of dogs, despite having sent 35 more dogs to Houston for adoption last Saturday morning.

Four days later, however, there were already 37 dogs at the shelter again, including 15 that the Department of Agriculture had dropped off. ‘It was almost quiet here on Saturday, but look at it now already,’ said Ms. Zelaya.

There is only room for 16 dogs and10 puppies at the Humane Society shelter, so animals have to double up in stalls now.

Even though the DoA held an official opening of its new Animal Shelter in Lower Valley last month, that facility is not ready to shelter animals.

The airlift to Houston was the fourth since Hurricane Ivan. More than 200 dogs have been sent there for adoption, as well as many cats.

The reason Tino and Eve were not sent to Houston is there was no guarantee they would be adopted together, Ms Zelaya said.

Besides making sure Tino and Eve are adopted as a couple, Ms Zelaya said there was another reason for not sending them to Houston.

‘They’ve been here so long, we want to make sure they find a good home,’ she said. ‘And we want to be able to keep track of them.’

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