Fidelity raises $50K for tsunami relief

Fidelity, the regional financial services and products provider has joined what the UN has called the biggest global relief effort in history- the race to aid Tsunami survivors.

Through the efforts of Fidelity staff in Cayman, the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands, $54,000 have been raised and donated to the Tsunami victims in South Asia. The sum was raised through generous contributions by staff, the company, and global money transfer company Western Union, for whom Fidelity is an agent. Through a systematic fund matching program, the donations of Fidelity staff were doubled and then redoubled, transforming a simple staff drive into something extraordinary, states a press release.

‘Though our own catastrophe was smaller in scale, our experiences in recent months made it impossible not to contribute to the Tsunami relief,’ said Gwenda McLean, who coordinated Cayman fund-raising. ‘When we realized that the company and Western Union were going to help us do something significant, we really kicked our fund raising effort into high gear.’

Staff donations raised $13,500 in relief funds, and this amount was matched by Fidelity for a company total of $27,000. This amount was again matched by Western Union and then distributed through the FirstData Western Union Foundation to relief agencies along with the monies raised by other agents around the world.

‘Fidelity staff and management in three countries responded in true humanitarian spirit,’ said Anwer Sunderji, Chairman of Fidelity. ‘They can feel proud that they did their part in aiding the fellow man in a time of very real crisis’.

Headquartered in The Bahamas, Fidelity is a financial services group offering a comprehensive range of both domestic and international banking, insurance and other financial products and services. A knowledgeable and experienced management team utilizes a local and global perspective for a well-rounded, objective and cosmopolitan business approach. With origins in The Bahamas since 1978 and in the Cayman Islands and the Turks and Caicos Islands since 1980, Fidelity is an active, supportive and well respected participant in the communities it serves.

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