Deutsche Bank helps replenish trees

The National Trust, along with a generous donation from Deutsche Bank (Cayman) Limited have developed a programme for planting native trees in Grand Cayman.

‘While it will take many years for Cayman’s trees to recover, we can help the process by re-planting with locally grown seedlings thanks to Deutsche Bank’, said Trust General Manager Frank Roulstone. ‘We very much appreciate their continued help and generosity.’

‘It has not gone un-noticed by anyone in Cayman that Hurricane Ivan has left the island very bare of much of its natural vegetation. Along with the ongoing clean up process it was apparent that there is a need to start to replenish our greenery.’

The goals of the programme are fairly simple, to distribute plants to the public for replanting of their yards and neighbourhoods.

To plant native shade trees in schools and to plant specimen native trees in public places with informative signage.

With the sponsorship of this programme the National Trust hopes to acquire about 600 trees of varying sizes.

‘It cannot be said often enough’ states Marketing Manager Sophie Ebanks of Deutsche Bank ‘that we are committed to our community, and the replenishment of our natural vegetation will play a significant role in the recovery of Cayman.’