Today’s Editorial: A good ending

The scene of amiable banter and expressions of good will as the 2004/05 session of the Legislative Assembly drew to an end yesterday was refreshing.

All agreed that much has happened in the past four years. And all agreed that the upcoming campaigning and elections for the next four years should be done in the same spirit as bidding each other farewell yesterday.

There are indeed two parties that sit in the law making body of this country and at times it seems that they are at constant odds with one another.

But unanimous legislation passed during these past four years and coming to each other’s aid during disasters like 9-11-2001 and Hurricane Ivan prove that these politicians can and do work together.

It is not uncommon to walk out of the chambers of the House and see members of the United Democratic Party and members of the Peoples Progressive Movement sharing in conversation and laughter.

Despite any political differences, it must be noted that each and every member of the Legislative Assembly has a strong bond and tie that few other organisations in the Cayman Islands can boast – they are all Caymanians.

And to that end it is almost certain that each member has the same goal at heart – the betterment of the Cayman Islands.

It is hoped that this is remembered as campaigns get into full gear.

It will be refreshing to see campaigns that are run based on issues only; not personal smear tactics.

Quoting from Bodden Town MLA Anthony Eden, ‘Never throw mud. You might miss your mark and you’ll end up with dirty hands.’

That’s something to think long and seriously about when campaigning.

As the Cayman Islands gets ready to vote lawmakers in for the next four years, it is hoped that the next assembly of members won’t face as many challenges and daunting tasks as this past session did.

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