Art Flix series starts next week

Beginning next week, the National Gallery will host Art Flix, a complimentary art history lecture and film evening focusing on The Impressionists.

The Impressionists ignited a revolution with an explosion of colour and movement. Their vibrant canvases confounded critics, defied conventions and sparked scandal. A century and a half later they are among the most revered and influential artists of all time.

Venturing from the garrets and cafes of 19th century Paris to the galleries where their priceless works are displayed today, this documentary tells the story of the first truly modern artistic movement, focusing on five of its most important practitioners: Renoir, Monet, Degas, Pissarro and Morisot.

Art Flix will begin on 16 March (Part I) and continue on 23 March (Part II) at 5.30pm at The National Gallery, located on the ground floor of Harbour Place in George Town. For Further information please call 945 8111.