Bush tours ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’

The Cayman Islands delegation to Dubai, led by McKeeva Bush, Leader of Government Business, was given a private tour Wednesday of the world-famous Palm Island tourism development by Nakheel, the company behind the landmark scheme.

Mr. Bush is one of the first foreign dignitaries to be shown the new palace building in the section of the magnificent development known as The World.

The delegation was taken on a fact-finding boat journey around the huge islands, which are still under construction just off the coast of Dubai. The development will house up to 100 five-star hotels, thousands of villas, apartments and upmarket shopping facilities, and a host of new attractions to lure tourists to Dubai. The Palm Islands, which are so large that they can be seen from outer space, are just one of the many new developments that are rapidly making Dubai a leading tourist destination.

The tour followed a high-level meeting between the Leader of Government Business and Mr. James Wilson, Chief Executive of Nakheel. As well as providing an opportunity to build new contacts in a major international tourism company, the meeting and tour enabled discussion of the ways in which both Dubai and the Cayman Islands are developing their respective tourism sectors, which are central to the economies of both.

Following the meeting and tour, the Leader of Government Business commented: ‘I welcome the opportunity to have witnessed the progression of this groundbreaking development at firsthand. Dubai has evolved at an amazing rate over the last few decades, daring to think the unthinkable in its drive to build up the tourism sector.’

The Palm Island development epitomises Dubai’s innovative attitude and will reinforce the emirate’s growing reputation as a leading tourism destination.’

He said the Cayman Islands could garner some useful ideas from the path Dubai is now following to establish itself as a luxury destination.

‘This trip has allowed my colleagues and me to find out more about how the Cayman Islands can address the opportunities and challenges for our tourism industry.’

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