Key Club welcomes district governor

Florida’s Key Club District Governor, high-school student Azar Bohem, arrived on his first visit to Cayman on 4 March.

He was guest of honour at a welcome dinner that evening at St. Ignatius, attended by officers and officers-elect of Cayman’s St. Ignatius, Cayman Prep and Triple C clubs; and by Kiwanis President Linda Chapman.

Each president offered a review of their last 12 months and a look into the future.

Mr. Bohem told the gathering that he was ‘quite amazed’ by the post-Ivan comeback made by the island’s clubs, indicated by such community projects as a car wash for the Red Cross, garbage clearances and such various Kiwanis events as the Santa’s Landing clean-up.

The clubs expressed their appreciation to Champion House restaurant for its help with the evening’s meal.

5 March Safety Day

The following afternoon, the clubs, in conjunction with the Grand Cayman Kiwanis, held a Safety Day at Cayman Prep between 12:30pm and 3pm for first, second and third-graders at St. Ignatius, Cayman Prep and Triple C. Children enjoyed a variety of games, free pizza, snow cones and toys donated by Kiwanis members.

The Key Clubs organized and led four workshops: bicycle safety (always wear a helmet), pedestrian safety, car safety (always wear a seatbelt) and pool safety (always wear sunscreen).

Every child received a colouring book.

Key Club Lieutenant Governor Ridhima Kapoor said: ‘Holding a safety day was very important to us because of all the car accidents that have been occurring in Cayman, especially to our youth.

‘We thought by holding this safety day, which focused on … the car, the bicycle, the road and the pool, we could ensure that children would learn basic safety guidelines they could put into practice while they are young, hopefully preventing … higher risks of accidents and deaths in the future of Cayman.’

Mr. Bohem said he had been very impressed with club initiatives to teach children about safety.

Cayman’s Key Clubs expressed their appreciation to Papa Johns for its donation and Safety Day food discounts.

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