Reader wants September rent

Like a good little tenant, I paid my full September rent on the first of the month.

On 12 September, I found my roof – as well as 15 other units in my complex – somewhere down the street between Cox Lumber and Kirk’s.

I believe my lease read along the lines of, “…Should the Premises be destroyed or damaged so as to render the same or any part thereof unfit for use and occupation then at the sole option of the Tenant, this Lease shall forthwith terminate and the Landlord shall allow the Tenant a proportionate repayment of rent where the rent for such month of termination has been paid in advance…”

Translation: my rent should be pro-rated from 12-30 September.

I have no way to prove this statement since my lease and most of my belongings were sucked out of my bedroom along with the roof. Post-Ivan,

I landed a job in property mgmt and ironically enough, it’s the property manager I’m fighting with for the 63 per cent rest of my September rent.

He offered half a month’s free rent once the units are rebuilt, which at this rate, will be at the end of next year’s hurricane season.

Could you please suggest to who and how to go about recouping rent money that is rightfully mine?

Name withheld by request