Parliament dissolved

The Governor, Mr. Bruce Dinwiddy, issued the normal constitutionally provided proclamations Tuesday to dissolve the current session of the Legislative Assembly.

A second proclamation issued by the Governor formally decrees that the General Election shall take place on 11 May 2005, two months after the proroguing of the Assembly.

The Constitution of the Cayman Islands provides that the Governor issue a proclamation discontinuing the work of the Legislative Assembly at the end of the four-year term of legislators, and prior to a General Election (section 47). It also provides (in section 48) that a general election should be called within two months of proroguing the Legislature.

The proclamations were published Tuesday in an extraordinary gazette dated 15 March 2005. The Extraordinary Gazette (No. 6, 2005) can be viewed online at, select ‘Publications’ on the top right banner, and select ‘Gazettes’.

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