Debris relocation may cost $1 million

Debris from Hurricane Ivan is being moved from temporary disposal sites to one main site at a cost that may be close to a million dollars.

Mr. Orrett Connor, chairman of the Cayman Islands Recovery Operation, confirmed that government will be absorbing the cost of the relocation.

Debris is being removed from sites set up throughout Grand Cayman shortly after the September storm.

Some sites, such as the one in Spotts and another in West Bay, have been in or near residential areas.

‘You can only ask people to grin and bear inconveniences for so long. Then you have to move to alleviate their problems and frustrations,’ Mr. Connor said.

Government has contracted with particular local companies for the debris removal and those companies have hired local truckers.

The cost of hauling and moving the debris is between $5 and $8 per yard, depending on the distance travelled, Mr. Connor indicated.

From behind the Bodden Town Civic Centre alone, approximately 46,000 yards were removed, he reported.

The cost of relocating material from that site alone would therefore be the some $230,000.

As previously reported in the Caymanian Compass, the recently opened site for consolidating the debris is on the east side of Frank Sound Road, north of the Botanic Park.

The temporary sites for disposal of hurricane debris were organised by the National Cleanup Committee, with seven in the districts, plus two sites at the George Town landfill.

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